Timeless Traditional Malden Bathroom

Project: Soft, harmonious layers in Malden bathroom (AKA #ProjectFreshTraditionalBath)

In this project, our client described her decorating style as “updated traditional”, and she had done a great job maintaining the full bathroom in her 1926 Dutch Colonial home after a years-ago refresh, but now it was time for a full remodel.

The bathroom layout was efficient as-is, but there were a few key challenges and opportunities to address. First, the bathroom’s full-size window straddled the end of the bathtub, so an L-shaped curtain rod cut off some available space for showering. A cast-iron radiator took up valuable floor space, and the classic pedestal sink was lovely but lacking storage.

During the design phase, our designer Jenni Jacobs had an epiphany about removing the existing window and adding a new window above the toilet. Not only did this allow for a fully contained shower and room for slim linen storage, but natural light is redirected and now floods into the upstairs hallway of the home.

While this bathroom is compact, we meticulously designed every inch to maximize storage, function and aesthetic details. It is fresh, elegant and inviting. We were thrilled with the results and so happy to work with our client to bring her “updated traditional” vision to life.

Photos 1-5: Regina Mallory Photography

Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel with white vanity and basketweave tile floor
Relocating the window in this project made a world of difference! The vanity and toilet stayed in the same locations, and this wall was already furred out from the exterior of the house. We kept the same footprint which made for an extra-deep sill for the new casement window above the toilet. The extra depth allows for more privacy and creates a lovely spot for a houseplant.
The height of the window matches other windows along the back of the house, for exterior continuity. It’s like it was there all along!  
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel with white subway tiles and white vanity
In a compact space, measurements and installation have to be precise, and working through an upfront design process allows us to create a detailed, well-thought-out plan before anyone starts swinging a hammer.  
In this project, there are so many elements along the main bathroom wall, from the new window and toilet, to vanity, recessed medicine cabinet and sconce, to the tub and shower fixtures.  Everything had to come together seamlessly to create a comfortable and functional layout!
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel with white vanity and basketweave tile floor
This bathroom contains so many layers of soft and interesting materials; it’s neutral but never boring! We started with a classic basketweave mosaic tile on the floor, with a charcoal gray dot, and added wide beadboard paneling around the room. The white console-style vanity pops against the soft cream of the beadboard and trim, which complements the gorgeous pattern of the wallpaper and relaxed linen of the shower curtain.  
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel with white subway tiles and Rifle Paper Co Second Edition Wallpaper Pomegranate
Where a window once straddled the tub and created a void of space, now stands a slim linen cabinet. We framed a narrow wall to fully enclose the cast iron tub, and it created a nook for extra storage. Corner shelves are tucked in the back of the shower so that shower products are visually and functionally out of the way.
We also removed the freestanding radiator from the bathroom and installed electric floor heat instead.
From tile to finish carpentry to wallpaper, our team did an amazing job installing every material for seamless execution of the design. 
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel with white vanity and Rifle Paper Co. Second Edition wallpaper
The compact vanity area creates a hard-working and flexible “command center” for grooming and styling, with a quartz countertop surface, recessed medicine cabinet for toiletry storage, magnified wall-mount mirror, and a combination of dimmable overhead lighting and natural light from the new window.
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel White Console-Style Vanity
The made-to-order vanity provides plenty of storage with a deep U-shaped drawer for hair tools and a bottom shelf for toilet paper.
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel Bathtub and White Subway Tile Shower Walls
In the shower, we chose chrome fixtures that lean a bit more transitional to contemporary, keeping the overall traditional feel of the bathroom on its toes.
The classic 3×6 subway tile offers subtle movement and variation that adds dimension and reflection in the space.
Malden Bathroom Design and Remodel Details
The bathroom is a harmonious mix of white, cream, chrome and glass, with a place for everything and everything in its place, just as it should be.

Enjoy a walk-through with our designer, Jenni Jacobs, to hear how every element came together in this beautiful space!

See how this space was transformed in our Before and After Gallery!

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