Lovely Lavender Custom Kitchen

Project: Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel in Melrose, MA (AKA #ProjectForTheLoveOfLavender)

We love infusing personality into every remodeling project, to truly reflect the homeowners and families who live in the spaces, and a custom-colored island is a perfect way to bring a personal, unique element into a kitchen design.

In #ProjectForTheLoveOfLavender, our clients were moving into a family home in Melrose, and were looking for help to open up the kitchen and dining room and breathe new life into the familiar spaces. What a rewarding experience for our team and our wonderful clients! We hope they will continue to create family memories in the house for generations to come.

Photos 1-4: Regina Mallory Photography

Lavender Kitchen Remodel McGuire Kitchen Bath
The new kitchen expands into a previous dining room, where Rob McGuire and team removed a non-load-bearing wall. They also installed a large, new beam to open a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and a sitting area with a fireplace. Our designer Jenni Jacobs centered the refrigerator under the beam to incorporate the structural component into the kitchen layout.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel McGuire Kitchen Bath
Our clients were inspired by photos of kitchens with rich jewel-tone cabinetry, and ultimately decided on a custom shade of soft lavender for their new kitchen island, with room to seat five.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel McGuire Kitchen Bath
With a slide-in range, separate wall ovens, and an ample island countertop, our clients have a wonderful set-up for holiday baking, one of their favorite hobbies.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel McGuire Kitchen Bath
The seating side of the island conceals additional cabinets for more storage underneath the overhang, perfect for items used less frequently.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel Details McGuire Kitchen Bath
To balance the playfulness of the lavender island, we incorporated darker, contrasting elements into the design, like the slate hardware, dark bronze pendants over the island and moodier gray mosaic tile backsplash.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink McGuire Kitchen Bath
The stainless steel apron-front sink is another element that keeps the kitchen looking sophisticated and functional, providing a nice balance to the softness of the lavender.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel White Cabinets McGuire Kitchen Bath
Within the wall that previously separated the kitchen from the dining room, there was a stack pipe that we did not relocate as a part of the project. Instead, Jenni incorporated it into the cabinetry design, hiding it within the paneled area to the left of the wall ovens. For symmetry, we placed another cabinet to the right of the ovens, and outfitted it with a cork board and mail/key rack, providing a dedicated space for family organization.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel Cabinet Storage McGuire Kitchen Bath
Installed accessories in the cabinets provide helpful organization and easy access to everyday items like cookie sheets, pots & pans, and trash bags.
Lavender Kitchen Remodel Northshore Magazine Article McGuire Kitchen Bath
Our team was so pleased to have this beautiful project featured by Northshore Home Magazine! Click here to read their article. 

Take a walk-through tour of Project For The Love Of Lavender with our designer Jenni Jacobs!

If you would like to see what this space looked like before the remodel, please check out our Before and After Gallery, and check out our full photo gallery for this project on our profile at Houzz.

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