Kitchen and Bathroom Trifecta

Project: Renovation of Kitchen and Two Full Bathrooms in Saugus MA (AKA #ProjectTrifecta)

This project was aptly named Project Trifecta because we renovated the kitchen and both bathrooms in the home all in one shot. Our clients purchased their home 13 years prior to meeting with us, and had always planned to update. Now that their children were no longer babies, they were ready to take on a project of this magnitude. We began designing this home before COVID and started renovating during COVID because the family could not wait any longer to update now that they were spending so much time at home. Together, we completely transformed the way they live in the home.

On the first floor we transformed three rooms into one open kitchen and dining space. We removed two major walls and added heat to a space that was originally built as a three-season porch. The kitchen area was designed with separate work zones to enjoy cooking as a family, and it opens up to a spacious dining area perfect for family activities and entertaining. We also added heat to the previous three-season porch, and transformed it into a perfectly cozy sitting area. The new space is now functional and bright, and ready for the family to enjoy for years to come!

Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets
This remodel was a total overhaul of how our clients live in their space. From tiny and cluttered, this open concept kitchen and dining area is now fit for a modern, young family of four and a dog!
Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets
We expanded the kitchen into the area of the three season porch, but kept the extra ceiling height making the space feel more open.
Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash
The ceiling plane transition was a tricky one to make look cohesive. So we designed symmetrical cabinets left and right of the range to maintain balance. The white cabinetry and 3×2 white subway tile backsplash has clean lines, keeping a classic and timeless appearance .
Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets and Farmhouse Sink
Separating the work zones that had once been back to back from one another allows this family to move freely about when cooking as a family. A 4-foot clearance is now available behind the dishwasher, sink and range so you can be working at one area while someone passes by.
Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets
After opening up the space to a third room, we wanted to make proper use of the left over space. The daughter of this home explained to the designers that this little sitting area is now permanently designated as ‘her spot’.
Saugus Kitchen Remodel with White Kitchen Cabinets
Details make the difference! Since the father of the home is the chef of his household, it was important to him that there was a proper spot to store pots and pans, spices and knives of course. All of these are placed specifically for him for where he likes to prep. Additional features like paneled sides and a furniture base on the island, and a big beautiful farmhouse sink, complete the new kitchen perfectly.

The family bathroom was reconfigured to allow more space and functionality, moving the doorway and shower, and adding a deep linen closet with plenty of storage. The new bathroom now feels bright and spacious.

Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Light Blue Vanity
We rearranged the layout of the family bathroom to create more space while inside the room, and gave it a beautiful crisp color scheme.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Light Blue Vanity and Quartz Countertop
The cottage blue vanity and the rice colored porcelain wood grain floor tile are both simple and fun!
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Light Blue Vanity and Quartz Countertop
Chrome fixtures keep the space feeling clean and sparkly, and the gorgeous quartz countertop adds a touch of elegance.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel Bathtub and Shower with White Subway Tiles
The tub and shower area has white subway tiles and chrome fixtures to keep it bright and classic, and we made sure to include corner shelves for a place to put all the shampoo bottles and soaps.

The upstairs bathroom was especially important to our client because it was going to be her place to retreat for some peace and quiet. As a working mom with two kids, she deserves a tranquil place to call her own, so we filled it with materials, colors, pattern, and textures that bring her joy.

She absolutely loves the color blue, so we picked a transitional patterned floor that carries both light and dark blue colors on a white ground color. The white ground color allows the floor to feel larger, and the custom blue vanity matches the deep color perfectly. We also have a blue penny tile to match on the shower floor, with a clean, rectified ceramic grey tile on the shower walls. The whole room is dressed up with the champagne bronze finish of the fixtures and quartz countertop.

Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Blue Vanity and Cabinets
The tall cabinet cleverly hides pipe and duct work that takes up a majority of the space. Although there is only a 9” deep storage area, a panel gives the illusion of a deeper cabinet and a cleaner line to view.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Blue Vanity and Cabinets
In this primary bathroom, color was the priority. Our client just wanted a quiet place to retreat that was hers and this bathroom was designed specifically with her in mind. The deep blue cabinetry color adds the perfect amount of brightness to this small full bath.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Blue Vanity and Cabinets
The dark framed mirror provides beautiful contrast in the vanity area, and the quartz countertop has the perfect hint of color.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Blue Cabinety and Floral Porcelain Floor Tiles
The honey bronze hardware is the perfect gold tone for the warm blues on the cabinetry and the porcelain floral floor tile.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Custom Shower and Floral Porcelain Floor Tiles
A half wall left of the shower allows the natural light to reach the shower and provides privacy beside the toilet.
Saugus Bathroom Remodel with Custom Shower and Blue Floor Tiles
Some of our favorite details! We carefully selected frameless door hardware matching the honey bronze color of the plumbing fixtures and hardware in the space. We also installed a shower floor tile in a custom blue matte penny tile to match the cabinetry.

Enjoy taking a walk-through tour with our designer Kelley Antonuccio, while she explains how this all came together!

We’re so happy to help this family create the space they’ve always wanted in their home! If you would like to see what this space looked like before the remodel, please check out our Before and After Gallery, and check out our full photo gallery for this project on our profile at Houzz.

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