Warm and Elegant Bathroom Escape in Melrose

Project: Full bathroom remodel in Melrose, MA (AKA #ProjectElegantEscapeBath)

As recent empty-nesters, the homeowners in #ProjectElegantEscapeBath came to us with a desire to fully renovate the upstairs bathroom in their Melrose home. They already had a layout in mind, which included flipping the locations of their current built-in tub and small enclosed shower, in order to create a larger, more comfortable walk-in shower.

Another item on their wish-list was a freestanding petite soaking tub, and in order to create enough space for one, we bumped the bathroom wall out into the upstairs landing. The larger footprint of the bathroom allows for a spacious yet precise layout, with just enough room for every small luxury that defines a relaxing, elegant, spa-like bathroom. We had a lot of fun bringing this lovely space to life!

Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath
Flipping the locations of the previous tub and shower allowed for a spacious new walk-in shower. Half walls provide some privacy in the shower and create an alcove for the vanity, while shower glass panels keep the room feeling as large as possible.
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Soaking Tub
Our clients were drawn to an overall neutral color palette, but we played with materials and textures to create a layered, timeless look. Oversized subway tile runs around the walls of the entire room to add to the classic aesthetic, and we carried that same color to the woodwork and trim, a much warmer alternative to bright white!
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Vanity Countertop
Gorgeous plumbing fixtures in a Satin Nickel finish certainly stand out as the “jewelry” of this bathroom. 
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Vanity
We designed the vanity area with a lot of luxurious details in mind. The vanity cabinet grounds the space in a rich slate-gray painted finish, and provides great storage with a combination of doors and drawers. Our clients also opted for a tilt-out top panel as a convenient place to store small toiletries.

Beautiful, timeless sconces flank the recessed medicine cabinet that provides even more storage, including an electrical outlet for charging items out of sight.
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Soaking Tub
Working within a small and precise footprint, our search for a petite freestanding bathtub was driven by overall dimensions, but equally as important was a classic aesthetic and timeless cast-iron material. This pedestal style fits the bill beautifully!
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Tub Filler
We opted for a tub filler style that includes a separate handshower, to allow for ultimate flexibility in bathing, showering, and rinsing.
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath Basketweave Tile Floor
A classic basketweave pattern was the perfect choice for the bathroom’s mosaic floor, and sets the foundation for the entire color palette.
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath
The custom walk-in shower is not only beautiful, but entirely functional. We installed the main shower control on the inside of one of the privacy walls, allowing the homeowners to turn the shower on without getting soaked.

The showerhead, handshower and diverter control remain on the primary “wet wall”, which is accented with a strip of the same quartz material as the countertop and shower jambs.

In the other privacy wall, we built a recessed niche to house shower products.
Melrose Bathroom Remodel - Project Elegant Escape Bath
Timeless, textured, warm, layered… We have so many adjectives to describe this classic, elegant materials palette! It was so fun to design the space, layer by layer.

Take a walk-through tour of Project Elegant Escape Bath with our designer Jenni Jacobs!

If you would like to see what this space looked like before the remodel, please check out our Before and After Gallery, and check out our full photo gallery for this project on our profile at Houzz.

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